Monday, November 16, 2009

Spell Casters Reviewed

Hi Everyone!

This blog isn't to debate whether or not magic or (magick) is real, it's to help you find a diamond in the rough: an honest and true spell caster, who knows the craft, isn't out to swindle your money and is not a fake con artist.

I know magick is not guaranteed to work: it is silly to believe that one person can solve any case. However there are clear crooks out to swindle depressed, desperate and needy folks who are especially vulnerable. And I have created this blog to separate those from the real casters who genuinely want to help people through the craft.

I don't normally write blogs like this, but with all of the fake spell casters around, I want to help people looking for real, authentic spell casters find them. I am currently awaiting the results from Samuel Souza do Nascimento's voodoo love spell cast on I'll update the result and my full story of my "bring my lover back" spell with Samuel, once a bit of time has passed.

Why do I think he is the real deal? His consultation and follow up ritual were professional, and he is keeping close contact with me. And I feel different with his spell. That's all I can reveal at the moment. I hope this is testament to the spell's efficacy.

I also want to list the spell casters who did NOT work for me, and I invite others to share their stories about spell casters who have worked and those who have not. That way the general public knows from honest reviews, which ones are the scams and fakes. Abigail Christensen may be an angel to some, but I got no results with her. Other readers have raved about her, and she was very friendly and understanding in her consultation, but I was disappointed that I got NO result with her most powerful spell. Any one have something positive to say? I want to think she's real and just hasn't worked for me.

UPDATE- NOVEMBER 23, 2009- I was very surprised to learn that Abigail Christensen's original consultation about my case was correct. She described a very specific negative energy to me back in October, and I was shocked to find out, almost two months later, that her analysis of my case was correct, as I did not know particular details that were hidden at the time. I won't count her out just yet.

Ashra Spells- I can confidently say that I believe Ashra is a false spell caster. She constantly emails me about follow up spells, which are very annoying. When I asked her whey the spell didn't work, she abruptly gave me a three word answer and now refuses to answer my correspondence. She's got tons of great reviews from YouTube, but only because she promises a discount on a future spell if you promote her video.

Spells4Free- High Priestess Doris says she casts free spells but I don't think she does. I get constant auto-generated emails from her asking her raving about the services of Mr. Iox Bamboda from He's had lots of complaints from RipoffReport, but some people, like Mythral the Mystic, swear by him. I do wonder if Mythral is paid by spell casters to promote their services.

Iwould love to hear comments about anyone has used a spell caster, especially these ones who seem to be marketing very heavily: HAITIANVOODOOSPELLS.COM, SHAMANIST.COM, PROVENLOVESPELLS.COM, MAYASPELLS.COM, FULLMOONRITUAL.NET

Spell services using these domains are REPORTED to be fraudulent: is owned by Trae Dorn
Http:// - Lee Ann Professor Jorge Sharon Notre-Dame - Isidore Bonjoko - Angel-Priestess Maria - High Spirit-Priestess Faera Priestess Samantha Venus Deborah - Psychic Dena - Altea - Josue J. Lenoir - Luther Joseph LaFortune - Gwendyth

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  1. Hi Marianne,

    Ill be following your blog closely. I currently have a spell cast with Iox Bamboda and am waiting results. Though I am concerned with the communication I have recieved lately.
    I have also spoken to Samuel Souza and he seems genuine though being burnt on a few occassions, I am concerned about committing more money.
    Would love to chat further on your experiences with Samuel.


  2. Hi Invisible,

    That's what this forum is about. Posting our experiences, good, bad and ugly, to help people looking for GENUINE casters. I'll update my experiences with Samuel in a few weeks. Any one else care to comment?

    Peace and Love,

  3. Ive just worked out that Samuel Souza is part of Temple Atlantis one of the biggest Spell Casting scams on the internet.

    Sorry. More information on my forum

  4. Hello Marianne & Invisible,

    I'm UpwardGuy from Mythral's blog

    I also purchased a spell from Bamboda. And I am awaiting results.

    I am glad you started this blog as Bruce shut down the comments section for Bamboda at his blog.

  5. Hey Invisible,

    I am unable to access your forum. Upon typing the URL, I get the following:

    Index of /
    Apache/2.2.13 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.13 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/4.4.7 Server at Port 80

  6. Hi I just purchased a spell from Iox Bamboda, he seems genuine from all the reviews on the mythral website. has anyone had any progress on their spells from him? i know most were waiting for december 2nd full moon.

  7. I hope more people who have purchased spells from Bamboda find this blog.

    It would be great to hear how Noirgirl, Meny, Ursula, Invisible, Kimberly, Bell30, Bill and others are doing.

    Now that December 2nd is upon us, perhaps we will start seeing results like Ross, Mirtha, Marshall, Misterious, Yoko, Kilobat, Martha, dragon, etc.

  8. Hi I just had my spell done and will be complete tomorrow night which is exciting. Has anyone had any luck with their spells? ive been waiting all week just to have it done and now i have 10-20 days for full results, so exciting.

  9. @ Marianne: How is your spell with Samuel coming along?

    @ Anonymous & Healer: Have you had any results yet?

    I am 40 days into my 50-day time frame and I haven't really had any signifigant results.

    @ Invisible, I cannot access your forum. I will soon have more info at:

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I am moderating all of your posts and I've not forgotten about this blog. I will provide you with a full, and I mean full update about my progress, the good and the bad, because there is a bit of both. Keep the comments coming. Unbiased, authentic reviews ONLY. Those paid by spell casters to post comments here are NOT welcome, and I am deleting those posts. Peace.

  11. Hi Upward guy, my spell is meant to take effect on the 18th and then completed by the 27th the suspense is killing me. The guy I want has like totally vanished and I havent heard from him at all, I contacted Iox to see if i did everything ok, still waiting for a response. Have you had any luck with ur spell? what spell did u do? i did a love spell,im hoping my man will be in love by christmas hahaha that would make my dreams come true

  12. hi maryanne dying to know the progress on the spell with samuel and any other spell casters you have tried..i have tried so many and they are so often quick to take your money and then nothing happens, i have strong faith though in Iox since there were so many good reviews on him and so far he has been great with responses and helping my situation. Its just a matter of the waiting game which can be like pulling your hair out, will keep you updated with mine as it comes along.

  13. Hey Healer,

    Mine is a money spell. I started playing the scratch-off lottery tickets when my time frame kicked in. I've been winning small amounts like $2, $4, $10. Earlier today, I won $20. It isn't much, but I have been winning frequently. However, I spent more than I won. lol

    I've heard that staying away from the person is better, so not being able to see him for a while could be a good thing!

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

  14. Hi Maryanne can you put your experience up please

  15. Hi has anyone used Iox Bamboda and had any luck?
    What about Saowluk?

  16. Marianne, Can you please post about your spell very anxious and wanting to know what good and bad you have discovered?

  17. Hi Everyone,

    I thank you all for your posts as they are truly refreshing. I promised you all an update and I will provide one in the next three or four days. I am just waiting for the result of something I did and I promise I will post my experience thus far with all of the spell casters I've used to date (which are several.)

    I appreciate your patience. Thanks to all of you for your contributions and keep them coming.

  18. Hi Mariannie,
    We are all dying to know the outcome from your spells,,, :-(

  19. Hi marianne,

    i tried Iox bamboda and he is nothing but a scam I saw no results what so ever, after he apparently did the spell I had contacted him and got no replies, I sent over 6 emails and still nothing. Many others had been scammed by him too so please no one believe his credibility nor that fake forum as they are working with one another, it is all one big scam.

  20. My dears,

    Have anybody of you seen results from Samuel Souza? Seems genuine, but is he?

  21. Hy marianne...
    hows that go with samuel... did you get any result yet?

  22. hi no updates on this forum???

  23. Iox is definately a scam and I have had my fingers burnt by this site and Im sure the Mythral site is all scam as well

    I have had a spell with shamanist for two and a half months too and although they reply it is always the same..''well its all looking good from this side'' and ''this spell will work'' and I think this is another scam because there have been no signs of results here at all. Has anybody else had a spell with them that has worked?

    Has anybody used Alexander or Alizons Psychic secrets or If so can you tell me how things went and what the results were?

  24. Provenlovespells David bulfone is not real. I would now I wasted money on a spell return my ex n he feed Mr what I wanted to hear n promised an exact date n it never happened. I have tryed calastrology took n now results. Right now working with best spells pei Lin n ashra too. I have found a extremelovespells site wc Samuel Taylor but still wondering: